Meditations for Inner Peace

by Paul Miller's Meditations

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These simple meditations helped me develop my personal meditation routine. In a very short period of time you will be able to see a change in how calm you feel inside after meditating. This CD is a tool to help ‘create’ the calm energy consistently inside us.

I believe that meditation is a way to create a foundation of inner peace and stillness in our lives. Once this ‘space’ is established inside, then we can use it to make very profound changes in how we see ourselves and the world around us.

I have found that, rather than just trying to empty our minds, by focusing on something physical, it is easier to stop the mind racing. In a similar way, it’s possible to tune someone out when they are talking to you, but it is much harder to ignore someone persistently tapping a finger on your shoulder...

I encourage you to start with one of the shorter meditations each morning before you go anywhere near of those wickedly distracting electronic gadgets like a smart phone or computer that we use so much. Personally, I know that once I start, I can get sucked into doing ‘just one more thing’ on it before I stop to meditate. I would much rather face whatever it is I have to do with that peaceful energy inside me. If you find that some days it is a struggle to do even a few minutes, then just accept that and do not judge yourself. After all the most important thing is that you tried to meditate, the quality of the results are just a bonus, but with practice the consistency will come.


released March 31, 2015



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Paul Miller's Meditations San Jose, California

Paul uses guided meditations very heavily within his yoga and meditation classes also his therapy practice. The meditations are very much physically biased which he feels helps the practitioner to hold their focus during the meditation. He encourages people to use their 'physical imagination' to feel within their body the guidance given during the meditations for a deeper experience. ... more

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